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    This is how Beyond Clowns look like everyday l0000000000000l. they love puttin on that cosplay makeup
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    2 YEARS OF BEING KINGS OF EST Set up a fight with Tempest and decided to celebrate our second anniversary along with it. The plan was to bait and farm Anti-DR and it worked perfectly. We caught some good clumps with tempest before the victim clans had the balls to show up. This was extremely 1 sided as we pulled more then PD+REV+BC COMBINED. PD+REV+BC+AC all massed to "crash" our fight but instead proved how far they have fallen. 4 clans in a open CC to fight us but were cleared 15 different times in under a minute. From old gate to GDZ then back to Spider Hill we slaughter them all. Rev would regroup for 10 minutes at a time in a different world just to be wiped off the map instantly. PD+BC had 2-3 dhide barrager's trying their hardest to stay in game but died faster than NL. AC was pretty much irreverent sitting in a singles DDing the whole time fearing we would rush them. Our TS was booming with laughter the whole fight while our "rivals" continued to suicide. The difference in quality has been shown time and time again but today they hit rock bottom. Babeff#4219 Nullusion#7988 You Know What To Do AC PUSSYS IN SINGLE L0L Benz you need this baldy ^
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    Looked very one sided. 2 Years and going!
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