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Everything posted by Txuj

  1. PD stay trash, low quality and IQ looken ass lmfao!
  2. PD stands on the sidelines FYI lmfao!!! AKA singles strip, Ferox Bank, and Edge Bank lmfao!
  3. Was a fun fight lads! Thanks like always. much love.
  4. INSIDER EDITION ft. PLAYDEAD REVEALS THEY'RE READY TO BURN BRIDGES WITH BOTH @ancientfuryrs AND @rsrevnet! MORE BAD DECISIONS BY POOR LEADERSHIP! pic.twitter.com/NnhvRewcwy — Deathrow (@DeathrowRS) November 18, 2021 Vr came in clutch asking us for a fight at clan wars. Like always, Dr will take upon a fight with the friend Vr mates. Both sides had clutch freezes and transitions, however, Dr came on top winning the CWA 2-1. Thanks for the fight Vr, as always, much love. As the dead dogs on the other side just stands there hungry for action lmao. Masses up with (45) lmfao!!!! *18 to spam at the bank as Dr and Vr have fun (SEE PICTURES BELOW). As to all the Dr individuals who showed up, good shit tonight lads. We only move on from here and continue to to pull. Deathrow Kills: 25 Vr Kills: 23 Deathrow Kills: 25 Vr Kills: 19 Deathrow Ending: 24 Vr Ending: 25 TRY US
  5. Where the fuck was PD?! Lol. Woooosh!!! Gone!!!!
  6. Good shit boys! Keep up the good work! Thanks VR for the fight! ❤️
  7. Stay tuned, more to come!
  8. Gf mandem, thanks for the fight! “Tank up!!! We got this!!!!!!!!!” Lol. Good job men!!!!!!
  9. Had a little fight with Mandem in CWA and were able to walk away with the 2-1 victory. First round we gave them a few extra opts and lost by 1 kill in a nail biter. Next two rounds were close when we switched up the rules but we were able to come out on top. Good fight boys! Deathrow Kills: 24 Mandem Kills: 25 Deathrow Kills: 25 Mandem Kills: 23 Deathrow Ending: 13 Mandem Ending: 1
  10. Agreed on a fight with our new buddies over at Mandem and after setting up at 44's and waiting for a few minutes they rushed in. Soon after the rest of the clan world tagged themselves in so we teamed up and fought back. Playdead and Vengeance tried to make an attempt to rush us together a bunch of times but only got owned and had to go back to hiding in the cluster. Eventually Venge broke and PD soon after so we took a fall in after all the competition left. Great job by everyone tonight
  11. Lol, he looted from wars and didn’t help his clan.
  12. Keep up the great work lads! Fuck bullfrogs lmao. Slimy bastards.
  13. Good fucking job tonight lads! We only go up from here! #1 est!
  14. Thanks for trying PD> So shit....
  15. GOd damn hella money!
  16. Loc is multi! Where’s all the shot talkers at?! Lol
  17. Moha! Keep up the strong energy brother!
  18. Txuj

    Smallman Stank

    Good shit. Bro!!!
  19. Txuj

    Smallman Stank

    Lol PD hiding .
  20. Thanks Vr for the fight. As always.
  21. Pew pew!!!!! Dead!!! Fucking dead!! Lol
  22. Stay getting cleared play frogs. Lol.
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