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    Yo let me get this straight A bunch of guys broke off of wilderness guardians because they realized their clan is bad. So they made a new clan called "Nothing Left". After getting bullied by Deathrow they ended up merging with PD to survive. NOW there's a bunch of pd members who realized their clan is absolute dogshit and broke off to form a new clan called Bullfrogs LOOOOL? What the fuck? Which rank in pd is to blame for this dumb fuckery? Nothing left members must be realizing they are back in wg typa shit lmfao
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    most of this is improve fucking legend
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    Django Unchained , leonardo cuts his hand by accident and uses the blood in the scene, actors were mad confused cause it wasnt in the script
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    Feel bad for Dylan spends 20 hrs a day playing runescape and 20 hours a day getting victimised
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