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Status Updates posted by diegoM

  1. Rest in piss ref

  2. 338 days since pd died

  3. Goa karo in full venny mode cause pd died 

  4. Uno reversed

  5. Mine timezone 😛

  6. Imma eat Karine agane

  7. Ty seed noobs

  8. Pulse check smeagol

  9. Collapsed cc to fight DR (HOW DO I KNOW THAT?)

  10. Thought we were doing same time tonight?

  11. Dobby is a bad boy

  12. We keep on winning

  13. Another night of dominance

  14. Made whippy rage quit (AGAIN)

  15. No way I made whip rage quit

  16. Wondering why v2r pk cc was open again last night and how I got it lmao

  17. Leaked midgets cleared (AGAIN LOL)

  18. Another night dominating bc and their minions lmao

  19. B S (OPEN) cc to fight DR - Call everyone

  20. Another night, another win, ty dogs

  21. Another night, another open merged cc for vr lmfao

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