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Everything posted by diegoM

  1. Couldn't be NL right?

  2. Guess whos getting leaked again?

  3. Merging with veng won’t save you
  4. Joel, do you see that?
  5. Stay dead v1 coming soon
  6. That’s what you get with Joel calling
  7. Stay fucking dead rats
  8. here's another song for the radio
  9. From donating ballies to cry shields +1s. Who done it?
  10. Zewy killed his clan to go back to pulling 20s
  11. Lmao farming veng members didn’t improve your pulls
  12. VR asked to set up a fight so we both massed up over 30 people and rushed them north of the black knights fortress. After 30 minutes of fighting Staydead decided to pop up with a sub 20 people and were exterminated from multi combat. We moved west and took a fall in while they struggled to get numbers back in game before teleing out to set up somewhere they couldn't run to single. Starting over at members gate we fought for another 30 minutes while Playdead acknowledged their mistake of rushing with 17 people (lmao) and took extra time to re-mass and ask for back up. After another long 30 vs. 30 while waiting for PD they finally showed up and were pushed from spiders to Greater Demons before we took the fight west and continued farming them. NO MERCY
  13. diegoM


    Keep up the good work.
  14. diegoM


    Big gz
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