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  1. Surely you didn’t lose sleep for things to go that poorly
  2. Bunch of people wanted to PK so we massed up knowing that VR was on some shared trip. After hopping around a bit we found some pures at Callisto so we bullied them north of gap until VR/BF ran in so we switched our focus on to them. Had them basically cleared and the pures decided to re-rush so we moved it south a bit and fought three clans at once where we ended up clearing VR/BF at Vetion. Love the activity but you're going to need more to keep up. Hopped around the wild a bit more and found Gangbangers (420/BC minions) and cleared them from altar multiple times before they alerted BC. With BC having an extensive mass to try to fight us we listened to them hop around at altar looking in all the wrong places. Knowing they had a few people hopping at other locs we moved to Vetion and picked them off one by one as they relocated. As the rest of them trickled in we took the fight south where we barraged them on their way in. Eventually they'd call Playdead for help and downgeared even more. We continued catching clumps left and right while they misclicked protect item OVER and OVER. Noticing the lack of +1's it was evident they couldn't keep up. About two hours of one iteming they were reduced to BRONZE AXES as we listened to how pissed off they were that they can't even attempt to compete. You made your bed and now you get to lay in it. Sweet nightmares for you tonight.
  3. Knew there would be some action tonight but it didn't kick off until a bit later than usual. Some clans were lurking so we moved around on the hunt before scouting Fearless running down from gap. Logging in at Vetion we ran straight to dwarves and cut them off on their way down where we had them cleared before Bullfrogs and company logged in from the west. Fearless started to trickle back in while we pushed west on top of Bullfrogs and put everyone in single before moving back to Vetion and taking an ending. Continued to farm some one itemers for a bit before hitting the bank. Continued to hop around while 420 got a late start to their night. After hearing they were now fighting a combination of BF/VR/FS just north of gap we set up to the south and rushed in picking off clumps one by one as any clan left on the map retreated all the way to new gate. Hopping around the wilderness in between hits we occasionally went back to slide in behind 420 and barrage out their re-rush before switching our focus on to PD/BC who had TEN COMBINED in one item this evening. I heard Revenant is looking for new members when you're ready to throw in the towel. 😛
  4. PD's been taking beating left and right
  5. Don't scout us and then hide on the 26 hill
  6. Thought NOBODY pked at spider and then there's VR
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