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  1. It's been a busy week with action every single night this week and tonight was no different. Once we massed up we started at 50 portals to hit Latin Crew who convenient called their partners in crime The Storm just moments before they were fully cleared. Banking and preparing to take both clans on at once we re-rushed Latin Crew who were the quickest to return after being the first to get cleared. The rest of them were patiently waiting to die at new gate as we rushed in and killed the last remaining while The Storm tried desperately to get everyone to tele up to Greater Demons and run to 50 portals because they don't have the diaries done. Giving them some time to re-think their plan we banked and hopped worlds getting ready to log in on them again. Instead one of them graciously hopped into us and called the rest in to get slaughtered. They had trouble coordinating in two separate voice chats but we were able to catch them in clumps. As we begin to gain in numbers it became painfully obvious they weren't going to be able to win even with two clans in the same chat. We'd kill of the remaining in game and take an ending preparing to hit them over and over again for the rest of the night. Switching locations didn't help as we'd hunt them down at the 30 line and again at Spider. Any confidence they had in themselves tonight is now being questioned. We hope to do it again soon when you can put up a better fight. Shout out to our secret agents still working on our payroll.
  2. Massed up when we saw a bunch of clans PKing and set out to own. Rushed WBR on the 30 line and they fought back briefly before scattering all over the map and leaving. Afterwards we decided to pay Sicarios visit and rushed them just south of Callisto where we fully cleared them before running down to bank. Ran into WBR on a fully populated world so we had our guys hold them off while everyone else logged in and then we chased them out again. AC had ran into SC at Vetion so we decided to pay that fight a visit and barraged them out on every corner of the map. They'd try to hide in the trees but instead they'd just end up in a dd for us. BC tried to run in from the east so we switched our focus on to them and cleared them off the map before banking. again. We'd catch WG two times at back to back locations to fuel our engines even more. Swept out the rest of the wilderness before calling it a day.
  3. tele up fast tele up fast
  4. VR bankstanding while I'm hitting their noobs
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