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  1. Midgets letting their vennies get abused nightly
  2. Watched SOG get cleared by a pure clan while we were massing to hit them. Set up and cleared them easy before hitting them again and again on the same world as they tried to dhide barrage while pinging for help. Help never came as we spent the night abusing each group PKing at Callisto and the 30 line. Eventually it was obvious nobody was going to do anything so we began smiting +1's for the rest of the night collecting two Korasis and over 450m in loot. Kings of EST
  3. Knowing both opposing mudhut clans were PKing in our timezone we set out hit anything and everything we could get our hands on. With Sicarios on a very OPEN revival trip we set up at Callisto to hit them but first ran into OFA who were deep enough that we could hit 90% of them. After clearing them we banked our loot and set up for the real prize - SC. Logging in on them on the run down on W352 we barraged out the entrance to Callisto and pushed the rest to gap before focusing back to the east on the ones that were fleeing to single. Sweeping back to the west at gap we killed the last remaining before banking. With SOG still hugging as close to the 30 line as they could we grabbed our mace to make sure they knew they weren't allowed to bring +1's in our timezone. Within minutes we had all 9 of them logged in as they scattered and left Shen Longg alone to deliver an Armadyl Godsword to our doorstep. Afterwards we'd continue tormenting SOG by taking their downgeared ballistas world after world. Clearing the rest of the wilderness we re-geared and hit SOG one last time pushing them to single as they tried to regroup. Doing what we can on a nightly basis to keep the Venezuelan economy in ruin while the KINGS OF EST thrive.
  4. PD in a vegetative state. There's no coming back.

  5. Playdead no events in months...
  6. No PKing at night for my victims
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