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  1. As we were getting ready to hit Infliction we noticed one of their members was breaking their risk rule. While we massed up we sent up Bwena to keep him busy and waited for him to run to multi. Unfortunately for him he didn't make it there as Elite Member 'Big Jamm' donated a 200m set without even being maced. From here we'd execute our plan to perfection. Infliction would bank their +1's during EST as per usual so we decided to bait those +1's back out by swarming them in the wilderness and pushing them to singles. They fell right into our trap by pinging their discord and bringing back out their +1's. At this point we grabbed maced and ran up on Member 'SniffinStank' and maced him for the fourth time this week. Now that the message had been sent they tried to prepare for a gwas but it went terribly wrong as we ran in on their Warlord 'HunterOoO' for a Staff of the Dead. Following this they'd sit around with their baits all orbed down. Despite knowing what they were doing, their channel remained lobbied in dd's at various spots while we continued to mace. As the trip continued on and they dropped the numbers the few remaining decided to bank their +1's again because they knew they would end up losing them like that have all week. You asked for this so get used to it. No crying about it now.
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