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  1. Sent out a ping to go PKing and while we were hopping around we saw VR's scouts hopping around at all the low level wilderness locations. Figuring they were having some sub 30 trip at one of the 4 locations we moved around before logging on top of them at spider. Numbers were pretty even at the beginning as the fight moved closer to sperm hill and we began to gain. With their backs against the walls Bullfrogs ran in so we switched our positioning before noticing the two were obviously working together. BC/PD began to one item the fight but we fought through it for a bit until they actually had enough worth clearing. With VR/BF having moved off the map we re-rushed PD by themselves and sent them running south. VR would come back in together with Bullfrogs from the north as we moved west to set up to hit PD/BC's regroup at 19 portals. Jumping back in we found PD pretty much gone so we just started focusing VR until they came back. Focusing on PD until it was just VR/BF/DR on the map we took a fall in and continued our trip. Heading up the altar we found WG and made quick work of them before doing the same to Latin Crew just afterwards. Shame some clans can't pull enough to fight in gear or even have trips! Maybe we'll see some new faces next time 😛
  2. pd will talk about crashing fights but get spy hit every trip lmao
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