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  1. i forgot vr showed up with 2
  2. Headed out to check for some storm leftovers. Noticing that their friends weren't out they quickly ended. We stomped around the wildy running into small mans until TPZ pulled up for the first time. After clearing them once they took 15 minutes to regroup and were cleared again. After that we hit a 1 hour war with SC. The fight dragged around 30 line until SC decided to dip. BC were cleared multiple times in the chaos. GF.
  3. shout out to the DR meds that hopped on!
  4. Went out on a little juke. We lit the cigarette on some clans (teams?). AC gave us a faithful 1v1. You got more balls than literally every other clan. We did collect from that contract!! Check it out below for the SMOKE?
  5. Had some food lined up tonight. Ripped the quiet storm endless times before they could call for help with their 8 man pool. Sniped an AGS off member B car tyvm. We landed in Spain to take all the food TPZ prepared for us. Somehow chased AC around the wildy. LC got erased and finally we ended by ruining VR's mandatory altar prayer trip! ty 2m.
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