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  1. Anonymous community (AC) - horrible leadership when it comes to player killing, for a team thats been around for aslong as them id expect alot more - Beyond control (BC)- why is this even on the list open cc's dont count - Chivalry Legions (CL)- i heard this team is on life support but they pk in a fake timezone so they dont matter anyway - Deathrow (DR) honestly i cant say we are #1 in est but probly a solid #2 as basically the only stand alone team aside from rot - Divine Forces (DF) - arent they closed? - Fearless (FS) - this is like the 4th remake, first 3 closed by a pure team i rank them higher than bc quality wise but not much more, atleast some of them bring propper gear but alas they are just another open cc for the likes of vr, zenith, and associates - Playdead (PD) - living up to their name playdead is sure playing dead, or are they actually dead due to them not being able to find the spy, and a good portion of their active ml leaving for sy. - Purgatory (PY) ez remake, no negative feeling towards them yet, morlity merged after purging the lower life forms of bc. - Reign Of Terror (ROT) i mean its rot i dont really know what u want anyone to say kek - Revenant (Rev) this team is closed - Syndicate (Sy) veng res merg, hard to believe tyler would create a safe space for ex pd members i dont see them letting the beef die between us but atleast we have a team to farm for propper keys - Tempest (Te) could be somthing decent in the p2p world if they grew some balls but not really a threat to anyone - The United Forces (TUF) solid members/ shakey leadership - Violent Resolution (VR) basically another team on life support, had to rely on fs/zenith for numbers until they started to suck up bullfrog members. Used to be a solid team now its just a meme - Vitality (VIT) dont know who theese ppl are so - Wilderness guardians (Wg) has potential to be great again but unlikely - Wildmight (WM) who the fuck are theese people
  2. wish sy wuda had some balls and anti crashed
  3. with as much shit as jeff talked in vc yesterday i expected a better performance, i cant believe i took time out of my unemployed schedule for that
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