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  1. Not sure why EZ stuck around so long all the meds got one banged except Dill tho
  2. Have fun explaining to your members why you didn’t hit this fight Spamname34
  3. Hate us 'cause they ain't us

  4. I know you’re reading this. Now start gossiping about it.
  5. Good fight VR. They didn’t know what him them lol
  6. Blame dmm for the weak pull even though you’re not playing lmao
  7. We decided to set out and conquer the wilderness. Sicarios and Bullfrogs tried to make their way up to multi on their way to Vetion but were forced to tele out and regroup in single for the next ten minutes. Apart from that we were busy spearing max into multi and clearing out the wilderness. Business as usual.
  8. Heard some clans talking smack so we massed up but nobody wanted the smoke tonight. Instead we set up some baits at Callisto and managed to get multiple masses to skull up. The same groups (Bloody Revs and friends) fell for the same trick multiple times as we took them for millions at a time. Clearing out the rest of the wilderness along the way we eventually went back to hit them AGAIN and happened to run into WG. Chasing them out once they remassed and gained a few and we bumped into them yet again a few minutes later while we were banking. Once everyone returning we sent them to single and cleared out the world to finish picking up our loot. Thanks for the short scrap WG.
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