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  1. Keep begging for help you need it
  2. Temptation really showed up for 5 minutes lmao
  3. Imagine PKing with people whose country only has dial up internet lmao
  4. PD still playing battlescape waiting for us to steam off but we're just firing up
  5. Merged trips, open cc's and still losing
  6. With the weekend winding down we saw a few teams were out PKing so we decided to mass up and clear the wilderness. Started out by hitting one of DK's open chats at 50 portals before moving over to altar where BC were standing around on a 5 man trip PKing with SOG. Cleared them off the map in under two minutes AGAIN. You'd think they'd be prepared for something like this when it happens night and night out. Some of them tried to rag their way back in after we took a fall in but we cleared them from multi one last time before banking. Moved to Vetion for a couple more hits while BC/SoG remassed at altar. Once they had enough to actually fight we moved back over to altar and logged in on top of them and barraged them out in a box for the second time. Even after full regroup they managed to get cleared even faster than the first time around. Quickly banking and hitting up a few more spots where we hit DK/FOE among others before scouting Fearless beginning their trip at Vetion. Making our way down from Callisto we rushed in as they were lobbied in the trees and killed everything in sight as they began to teleport out and get a regroup at the very start of their trip. Hopped around a bit more until the wilderness got stagnant (AEST) and called it a night.
  7. PKed the whole night while everyone typed in discord
  8. PD is completely dead. BC you're next.

  9. Syndicate asked if we'd like to fight tonight so we massed up and gave them a little extra time so we wouldn't have to cut that many. Eventually the fight kicked off at bandit camp and we went back and forth for about 20-30 minutes before PY rolled up and made it a threesome. Just coming to make their presence known they left but BC decided to follow in a bit late and sat in singles as we barraged them out. Every clan watched us and Syndicate get a fall in and spam good fight before teleporting out. We resumed at 19 portals for another 10 minutes while BC frantically searched around for the fight. Having told people to be on tonight to go after Purgatory (but not log in 90% of the night) and whoever they would fight they decided to rush their entire pull into a 4x4 box to get cremated. After clearing them off the map in under a minute (not sure how many times that's happened in the last month, but too many to count) we took another fall in and said good fight to Syndicate before moving on with our night. With Beyond Control massed to hit clans tonight we decided to teleport up to Greater Demons and give them our world and location. Ten minutes passed without a peep. I'm curious where that 40 man pull Benz was bragging about was tonight? Apparently not ready to fight Deathrow. Knowing Purgatory was still around along with a few other teams we hit SoG at altar for their full torag's sets. Afterwards we bumped into WG and cleared them rather quickly before moving to 50's and hitting One For All. Moved around a bit more hitting random BC one itemers at Vetion before calling it a night because no one was going to fight us.
  10. Not a good look running from 40 wild to 29 though
  11. Put up a good fight while it lasted I guess
  12. Some of us were hanging out in TeamSpeak when Eliop14 decided he was going to enter multi so we went up with a few guys to chase him down. Killed his friend and chased him out before hopping around at a few spots before ending up at altar where BC and friends were trying to have an EST trip. Obviously that's not allowed so we cleared the rats out of the altar and took an ending before heading to the bank quick. Seeing that they had regrouped and were waiting on the same world we decided to head back and logged in on top of them. This time it took less than two minutes to kill them all and get another fall in. Surely you can put up a better fight than that? Continuing our trip we moved to Callisto where VR were celebrating their birthday week with a surprising 15 people in EST. Despite being non mand we made them move the fight into the spiders to the south and then pushed them even further to the 30 line. Seeing as they were actually fighting back for once we pinged and gained a few to even the odds and began going back and forth for an hour before taking over the fight just before Fearless would rush in. We'd push back in while focusing on VR who was trying to hide on the outside. Eventually VR would leave the fight all together so we re-rushed Fearless and obliterated them off the map repeatedly until they could tell their tías they were finished eating rice and beans and needed to use the family Hewlett Packard. Good fight VR.
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