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  1. And that's a wrap guys! LOL. Let's keep this short and simple! LMFAO!
  2. Hmongkey King in the house!
  3. We gwased PD in a clump Y'all can't hide. I have eyes on you.
  4. Arma said, welcome back, and death you go. LOL!
  5. PD really came back just to get slapped around like hoes and bitches they are lmfao!
  6. PD woke up just to be tucked into bed again lmfao!
  7. The lads wanted a little small action due to being hit by several randoms at Callisto. Our guys were just trying to get the pet. We were notified that they kept coming back to hit our several members just trying to get the bear cub. Little they did they know, our men had a small group getting ready to come out of the shadows to behead them with our scythes. One by one, they randoms dropped. No one got away. That'll teach them a lesson to not hit our men. We got bored and continued our small man at altar. As Kings of Altar and Kings of EST we are, we managed to sweep several TK/BC members out from the altar. As we asked, do something, we were scouted and FS rushed in to us and was a pretty even fight. What was funny the whole night was BC+PD logged in and had roughly 15. BC 10 and PD 5. With PD coming back to OSRS from battlescape, they managed to come join the royal rumble for about five minutes and left, like losers they are. One by one, BC and PD members were dropping like flies. PD tried to put up a fight, but was obliterated while their tactics of DD'ing in one spot failed. FS and DR fought hard, purple dots were notorious. DR wins the night, BC+PD broke. FS thanks for the fight. DEATHROW = KINGS OF ALTAR / EST. GOOD JOB MEN! KINGS OF ALTAR / EST
  8. Then after that happened. Books closed.
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