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  1. Tyff SY. Oooosss, PD just did something very silly.
  2. All that talk, and VR 3v1 lmfao. 3 +1’s. Seems like DR won tonight lmao!
  3. Lmfao!!! DR on top bahahahah! Can’t 1v1. See what we did to Pd 1v1? Same shit, different day lmfao! 3v1 no problem. Memes onVR “lmfao!
  4. TY Sparze for staff. Donations are welcomed.
  5. Woke up and went back to sleep. Another day, same shit. lmfao!
  6. Clapped cheaks and nothing will done about it. This is our time zone nickles!
  7. Sou Ownes get fucked too bch lmfao!
  8. Sparze — Today at 9:15 PM how about you go kick all DR in dk [9:15 PM] and we talk [9:15 PM] you fking clown sou_ownes — Today at 9:16 PM No way Dr is helping DK Tocksick — Today at 9:16 PM Unstable Sparze — Today at 9:18 PM yet Tocksick — Today at 9:18 PM Yes Sparze — Today at 9:19 PM You [9:19 PM] share members [9:19 PM] with dk [9:19 PM] DR* [9:19 PM] hold hands h ard Tocksick — Today at 9:19 PM Go on Dovahkiin — Today at 9:22 PM @A F G 1no way u gear up in 1 item after I clear u [9:22 PM] dr is dead [9:22 PM] wym [9:22 PM] we cleared em [9:22 PM] and u [9:22 PM] cry is free [9:22 PM] they got cleared [9:23 PM] lmao [9:23 PM] LOL [9:23 PM] no way u team up with bc and get cleared by dr [9:23 PM] now u dick riding em [9:23 PM] send world [9:23 PM] dr getting spy hit by clumpa [9:23 PM] lol [9:23 PM] we out [9:23 PM] where u at? [9:24 PM] tele up pussy [9:24 PM] cry is free imthatdude just landed. — Today at 9:26 PM Sparze — Today at 10:12 PM GO ON pablo escobar — Today at 10:17 PM anime recommendations? Sparze — Today at 10:18 PM karamja island boys Arma — Today at 10:21 PM GF, was fun. Thanks for staff Sparzey
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