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  1. Not a single competition Straight run down of the enemies.
  2. Looked like a action packed day with only DR as the winner.
  3. Nothing new. just funny they think they're safe to pk in est. Good job lads.
  4. My re-emergence on the game force opened tb.
    My existence on the game closed tb in 3 months.
    I am the reason you crawled up from the grave.
    You Fear Me and you will always lurk in my Shadow.

  5. Wait.. vr made a topic about ending dr's trip today, but has 0 pictures of killing any dr. lmfaooooooo
    And your leaders were killed for 10k loot returning with 5 clans yesterday.
    If you are vr, consider your options.
    You cannot make this shit up. Lmfao

  6. who shot ya dying with 10k. might as well close.

  7. When your leaders are returning in 10k gear. You might as well close or find a new clan. If you are in vr, ask yourself if this is the administration you want to follow. You yourself know, and we all know you are tired of seeing this every day. There is always an exit route.
  8. Watching 90 people struggle to fight 1 clan of 40 is fucking humorous as fuck. Btw I thought vr says this is a dead timezone. They won't acknowledge it's only because they don't have the numbers to fight and won't come out unles their holding hands with 4 teams.
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