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  1. On this day, one year ago, a clan comprised almost entirely of WG rejects took a look at themselves and what they'd achieved over the past year and a bit of their existence. Aside from maybe killing a WG member every now and then, they had somehow managed to get shit on by the entire rest of the clan world including DR (which was only a few months old at the time); donate multiple +1s to just about every clan alive, lose an ancestral max set, and also an ahrims max set when one of their members just decided to waltz into fucking multi with 30m risk and no combo food (hi Jess). Taking all this into consideration, the WG reject clan decided that they desperately needed to close without giving WG any clout - and they sought to achieve this by merging with the only clan desperate enough to give players of their level of quality auto ranks (Playdead). I am not sure what PD expected to gain from this, but they accepted anyway - and thus, the WG reject clan's story came to an end. And thus, on the first anniversary of July 14th 2020, let's all take a minute to think about the past year, and consider where we are today: - NL is still fuckin dead - They made no impact on the clan world - PD continues to get shit on by DR and everybody else I believe this can be summed up in just two words from the wise and powerful Moha479: "Very Good".
  2. shoutout to PD attempting to mace me and reducing my prayer from 99 to 96, good attempt
  3. > tova: join ct > ok > join ct > act like a complete fuckin retard and get kicked within like 2 months > tova: fantastic work, now join dr
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