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  1. @Babeff you're a monkey you kangaroo jack
  2. Join DR today if you're tired returning in broke men gear. #Embarrassments

  3. Getting clered then returning in broke men gear. What an embarrassment😳

  4. LOOOOL what happen pd? having trouble pulling men?
  5. damn baby girl, let me get a bite ?
  6. Too easy, that my assistance wasn't needed haha
  7. Mau


    I sell you one, $700 USD bro.
  8. very good! we approve
  9. I'm ready to swap the gp. I'm stocking up leggo
  10. I like it on my face... ?
  11. @Victory told me to join and we took over
  12. Mau


    you gay for cera or something 🤔
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