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  1. hell yeah come at us brothers we are unstopable
  2. deathrow on top bro small man or big man we always win
  3. facts bro we made hella bank once again
  4. so moha rounded up the footsoldiers and went to hunt for noobs in the wild so we started at altar and killed some single pkers and after grabbing that quick juicy single loot we went to 50 ports and also killed some random team. after a while we quickly moved to callisto pocket and made some bank from skulled up pvmers and also some pkers. we went to spider hill and found out #wilderness Guardians and we cleared m out quickly the fight then continued at 19 ports and choas altar and we cleared them again. we then decided to move to altar again and cleared some big boners again. after pking like 2/4h moha decided to call it. it was already morning for master moha the trip started at 2 am moha time and ended around 5:30 Am overall good trip decent profits everyone was happy with the pk trip as always and thanks for coming and also #Wilderness Guardians thanks for the action. respect from deathrow.
  5. dr#1 brudaaaaaassssssssss
  6. wana be the best gota defeat the best first brudas
  7. deathrow on top no clan can compete
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