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  1. L000000L Victims lmfaoo free loot
  2. Got Word Some Latin Cringers Were Out so we gatherd our soldiers to hunt those vennies 🍌 we quickly went to spider 🕷️ were they were pking and cleared them quick and got some +1s tonight from Latin Crew + Fate so fate was hidding in singles near spider 🕷️ and tried macing some poor people but the soldiers of deathrow showed up and told them who had bigger dick took their +1s in front of their wives 👱🏿‍♀️ Filthy Whores That They Are seems like they had no fate anymore ✝️ after that we went to GDZ and found some randoms in full ahrims pking took that 2 after that we went pking to vettion found out there were some randoms cleared that shit show 2 went to altar took some decent lootations from some niggers and white trash piece of fucking nigger shit pkers It Was A Succesfull Night Of Pking With Deathrow Once Again If You Want To Cash Out Pm Moha479 on Discord HAPPY NEW YEAR FUCKING NIGGERS > White Trash Piece OF Fucking Shits And Now For The Lootations OF Tonights Pk Trip
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