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  1. 👨🏿‍🦲Nigger

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  3. The Brothers Of Deathrow Found Some Brothers In The TeamSpeak And Decided To Do A Small Man Started The Trip At 50 Portals And Found Some Random Pkers And Pvmers We Cleared 50 Ports And Went To Callisto Found Out There Where Some Pkers We Quickly Cleared That 2 And Then We Went To Vettion And Fought Some Random Clans And Got Some Good Loot Went To Spider And Found Some Pvmers Cleared That 2 After Some While Of Clearing Most Spots In The Wilderness We Went To The Last Spot Possible ( Altar ) We Killed Some Pkers And Boners After Clearing The Whole Wilderness We Decided To Call It A Night And Made Some Good Bank Loot 🤑 Now The Loots Of Tonight $$
  4. bc has cancer thats why they are bald chemo didnt help 👨‍🦲 🏥
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