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  1. wasnt there but already know how it went down, DR > World
  2. Poor hombre just trying to get by and these fellow Muricans suspect he’s packing a Kalashnikov, #favela
  3. I accept your apology on behalf of @Enginefireman. Idk wtf you said or did to him, but this will suffice
  4. Yo anyone want to pk dragon dagger chaos ele kill pvmers

  5. Looooooooooooooooool @Moha479can I get a :
  6. was sick of open cc callers getting baited into barrage piles at rev caves, @Moha479 told me to join the Kings
  7. Mase Dindu-nuffin 

  8. Fiddy

    2-0 @Victory

    @Moha479good work footsoldier
  9. that tank test north ge loooool sick vid
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