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  1. stevie

    Age of Empires 4

    i'll try it out, i actually liked ao2 and aoe3
  2. Interesting lol. getting made less and less doe
  3. lost in the semis with a score of 135 in .5 ppr. Can't complain with the outing, guy i played ended up winning the whole thing
  4. Happy new years Moh!
  5. I meant drugs as in meds for a stomach thing I have! My auto immune system overreact, so the meds I take help suppress the hyper activity; but this does lead to my immune system being weaker than others. I'm not more prone to catching anything than anybody else, but i'd have a tougher time fighting something off.
  6. Probably will because i'm immunosupressed and alrdy take a shitload of drugs i dont know anything about
  7. Fights 4 and 5 were pretty damn fun. Missed the rest of them.
  8. Where you at!

  9. The coverage on that play lolllll
  10. My team includes: QB: Lamar Jackson, Watson. Starting by startin Jackson, playing Watson these days RB: Derick Henry, Mostert, Wallman, Jones II (SF) WR: Julio Jones, Will Fuller, Marvin Jones (soon drop) and Patrick on Denver. Did have Odell who obviously is out Kicker: Justin Tucker TE: Henry 3rd in league in PF, been super unlucky with my matchups tho and have most points against in the league. First year playing/watching football at all.
  11. My boys Will Fuller and Deshaun Watson absolutely SAVING my fantasy season last night.
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