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  1. thanks, looks good
  2. 29 of us on the map, they were down to about 10. Good fight VR
  3. If you could pick one place to hunt people down in any world, where would you go first? (durial 321 style)
  4. Completed completed subscriebe subcribe
  5. Anywhere people do slayer. Even in the wildy dungeon it's good.
  6. I just hope this doesn't require a huge mage bonus to actually land the spell
  7. Sv beats Rot....Immortal beats SV....huh
  8. It's just an added drain. How many +1s do we get without this? Imagine how many people we kill who have less than 10-20 prayer points left. As long as it stacks with smite and sapphire bolts e, his will be the icing on the cake IMO
  9. Edit: After extensive scientific testing, the results are in and this spellbook is deemed as DOGSHIT.
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