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  1. Rollignstones, no music. Nuff said
  2. Egg doing egg things: Ty 8m.
  3. Andy

    Sunday: VERY EASY

    Would have loved a bit more energy/action from the white dots trying to fight us. Was fun though while they lasted. Gf all.
  4. Would have loved if they kept it 1v1, Was still free loot for us vs 2 other clans though. 🙂 Gf all
  5. Andy

    420 [1080p]

    Vid lasted longer then 420
  6. Andy

    Tuesday: Smites Up

    GF all was fun. Moha Bs'd me though
  7. Some good Gif's there. Towards the end, clearing that team at MG > RDG > Gap > Gdz. Freest loot ever
  8. unbiased view: we own
  9. Was easy - 15 kills all up gf
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