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  1. Insane sesh against PD GZ to all who hung around 13hrs straight!!!!!!!!
  2. Yeah buddy, to the top we go! GZ fellas!
  3. TYFF GZ fellas taken them down 1 by 1
  4. LOL point blank simple, if you have to form an alliance with anyone etc... you've already lost.
  5. Great work fellas, couldn't make the trip was with the wify
  6. Can't believe we call the rivals l0l, more like victims
  7. Sad the flock to singles like sheep every time we throw hands
  8. Fun shit, cleared everyone we ran into, @Engine smited a Godsword, and we all landed some decent loot. Another win for the books!
  9. l0l 420 couldn't take the heat! Had to call in other teams each time we ran into them! How sad lol, GL growing that CC rats!
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