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  1. Ello lads 

  2. Knightro


    Nothing anymore but was always an Xbox guy
  3. Good shit lad. Poor Vikers I feel like he’s been in a losing clan his whole career
  4. What absolute clowns. Not sure why they continue to think they can pipe up
  5. Commenting nice now. Will watch later. Nice.
  6. This guy been around doing this forever. Nice clean work.
  7. Light work for DR. Pretty sure I just smoked that Play Dog idiot in the duel arena for a couple bil the other day. Thanks for the crystal seed donations hick.
  8. Enjoy your day with your mothers.
  9. In all my time in the clan world I’ve never done one of these. Interesting. Good vid!
  10. Got some fire ones coming in soon. 4 levels for 2k lehgooo
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