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Everything posted by IWOOF

  1. bro, 6 hrs and we didnt drop an op........ yet 4 clans dipped.
  2. when yall are ready for a way out, start pming us. we provide safe haven for u
  3. legit so many clans try to hit us..... well if you call 1 itemers clans
  4. and if the other clans used the same ppl to open cc/hire as vennies. then who would get those participants for the clean 1v1?? its a real problem for most clans now adays ^^
  5. hard to compare alot of other clans cause never seen them out by themselves....
  6. was some strange whales that got lost in the wild, but we found em
  7. once again, dont stand against us without 4 clans and paid +1 itemers...
  8. legit kept running out of sacks, pots cause just like hitting npc's
  9. if you 1 item, get out till u can afford a d hide set.
  10. respect to all non 1 itemers
  11. IWOOF

    99 RC

    my gosh bro...! huge gratz
  12. never seen a clan who didnt know how to crash yet. prob a tutorial on youtube or something.
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