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Clan Ranking - 2022

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Given that we are halfway into 2022 I think it’s a decent time to revisit a previous thread and have everyone provide an updated ranking of the current clan world. 

We’ve had some big clans close in the last year ( AF/SV/WL) and a bunch others open (Syn/Fs/PY) . I’ll list all semi relevant clans below and rank the clans you see fit and provide some reasoning. 

Feel free to include or exclude DR for bias purposes if you need to .

Clans in alphabetical order

- Anonymous community (AC)

- Beyond control (BC)

- Chivalry Legions (CL)

- Deathrow (DR)

- Divine Forces (DF)

- Fearless (FS)

- Playdead (PD)

- Purgatory (PY)

- Reign Of Terror (ROT)

- Revenant (Rev)

- Syndicate (Sy)

- Tempest (Te)

- The United Fighters (TUF)

- Violent Resolution (VR)

- Vitality (VIT)

- Wilderness guardians (Wg)

- Wildmight (WM)


2021 edition:


2020 edition: 


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2 minutes ago, StayFire said:

Where's prayer clan or Reign of Terror?

Rot added 

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Should make a website called rscrs - RuneScape clan ranking system. Where we do prepped 1v1 fights has to have an AC team during the fight to see who is #1 #2 #3 ect. Of course RoT would take #1 p2p but I'm pretty sure we would be #2.

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Rot then DR

rest of clans r an open cc

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hard to compare alot of other clans cause never seen them out by themselves....

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and if the other clans used the same ppl to open cc/hire as vennies. then who would get those participants for the clean 1v1??

its a real problem for most clans now adays  ^^

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 Anonymous community (AC) - horrible leadership when it comes to player killing, for a team thats been around for aslong as them id expect alot more

- Beyond control (BC)- why is this even on the list open cc's dont count

- Chivalry Legions (CL)- i heard this team is on life support but they pk in a fake timezone so they dont matter anyway

- Deathrow (DR) honestly i cant say we are #1 in est but probly a solid #2 as basically the only stand alone team aside from rot

- Divine Forces (DF) - arent they closed?

- Fearless (FS) - this is like the 4th remake, first 3 closed by a pure team i rank them higher than bc quality wise but not much more, atleast some of them bring propper gear but alas they are just another open cc for the likes of vr, zenith, and associates 

- Playdead (PD) - living up to their name playdead is sure playing dead, or are they actually dead due to them not being able to find the spy, and a good portion of their active ml leaving for sy.

- Purgatory (PY) ez remake, no negative feeling towards them yet, morlity merged after purging the lower life forms of bc.

- Reign Of Terror (ROT) i mean its rot i dont really know what u want anyone to say kek

- Revenant (Rev) this team is closed

- Syndicate (Sy) veng res merg, hard to believe tyler would create a safe space for ex pd members i dont see them letting the beef die between us but atleast we have a team to farm for propper keys

- Tempest (Te) could be somthing decent in the p2p world if they grew some balls but not really a threat to anyone 

- The United Forces (TUF) solid members/ shakey leadership

- Violent Resolution (VR) basically another team on life support, had to rely on fs/zenith for numbers until they started to suck up bullfrog members. Used to be a solid team now its just a meme

- Vitality (VIT) dont know who theese ppl are so

- Wilderness guardians (Wg) has potential to be great again but unlikely 

- Wildmight (WM) who the fuck are theese people

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1. TSB

78. ‘Gold’ cc

79. ‘crash party’ cc

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Holding my post in this spot til I can come back and edit it once I gain more experience against these noobs 









- gap -






Edited by Justifyd

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- Deathrow (DR): #2 p2p at this point

- Divine Forces (DF): lost half their ml, can't really do much anymore

- Fearless (FS): having been in their disc multiple times, they really only have impact if rot is with them

- Playdead (PD): l00000l

- Purgatory (PY): on the level of ac and wg

- Reign Of Terror (ROT): #1 p2p

- Revenant (Rev): struggling, kind of procrastinating hoping something will happen for them

- Syndicate (Sy) havent seen enough of them yet

- Tempest (Te): might be the worst p2p clan on this list

- The United Forces (TUF): think they cleared cl out of aest, good community but probably not strong enough to do anything on their own

- Violent Resolution (VR): basically in desperation mode year round trying to manage merges with dk or bf. half their ml is their intro role which rotates every 2 months between zenith pure recruits and other people with no where else to go. led by unstable noob.

- Vitality (VIT): dont even think this should be on the list lmao

- Wilderness guardians (Wg): good 4 the game but always will be low quality. think they typically send their best members to dr, or pd to spy first before joining dr.

- Wildmight (WM): see comment for VIT

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Playdead lost their pulse


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I'll rank since all you SHITTERS are lazy

1. Rot - They been held top spot comfortably since 2021, af/rev had big momentum in 2020 but shits died down esp considering af closed 

2. DR - im bias lol, one of if not most active clans pking with 30+ 4/5 times a week.

3. REV - these niggas should be comfortably number #2 but their ranks are dumb as fuck. Af closed and they've managed to secure a grand total of 0 trial members. PD/BC/DF all slumped as fuck and they've managed to poach 1 kid falsely kicked out of pd for being a rot spy and 1-2 pure shitters from BC. If the ranks were less demoralised and had more hustle they should've recruited~15 guys in past 3 months to try compete for #1. PM for tips we charge 1b/hr.

4. FS - Pulls are juicy and they are fairly active, only issue is 1/3 of pulls are special guests from other clans. They've overtaken BC as the #1 disc clan/team and it didn't take very long ngl.

6. Tempest - They've been getting better at p2p just gotta keep at, not the most active though and there kids only enter wild for events.

7. BC - They do alright in gmt pull-wise but unfortunately for them EST has become the dominant timezone and these niggas are dogshit in est. They rely on open cc's/mass rag to much as a crutch, when alone they probably are the worst on this list quality, man-for-man wise. 

8. VR - They are active but pulls down, if they can start pulling 20-30ish regularly they can climb, Think they can do with recent recruits, we will watch this space.

9. Vitality - Solid clan we aren't very familiar with them though

10. DF - Solid clan and decent quality but they are slumped as fuck rn, they recruit really slowly and from the outsiders perspective seems they are struggling to get ~20 atm? If they can get pulls/activity/recruiting up they got top 5 clan potential again 100%. 

11. Syndicate - This clan closed pd lmaoo, still early days but everything good so far. If they manage to get ~10 more solid recruits they'll give most a run for their $$$$

12. PD - These kids are basically closed atm, 1 event a month (CWA) just staying open at stubbornness at this point. If they had half a brain they'd close into Rev. Zewy put the nail in the coffin am ngl. Pulls in the ~15 range and just had a 4 year oldschool spy for rot as well, they are down very bad.

13. PY - Still new can rise, seem a bit inexperienced from a outsider perspective and heavily a discord clan. If they carve a strong core can rise up the rankings.

14. WG - Good activity lately but still bots

15. TUF - Timezones dead means a lot of their members are quite casual, outpulling cl by a lot but gotta work on the casual kids quality.

16. CL - Better man for man then TUF but niggas cannot pull 10 lmao and need help in their own timezone





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On 7/11/2022 at 7:18 PM, Charbs said:

1. TSB

78. ‘Gold’ cc

79. ‘crash party’ cc

80. ‘Red’ cc

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- Deathrow (DR)

- 1 foot

-  2 feet

-  3 feet

-  4 feet

-  5 feet

-  6 feet

-  Beyond control (BC)

-  Playdead (PD)

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1.) DR

2.) everyone else

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