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Joy Goes PKing on Chess.com

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Joy Goes PKing on Chess.com



So before I go to bed I sometimes like to play a game of Chess to unwind. After smashing the remnants of DK, SoG and random PvMers on OSRS I didn't expect to be out PKing on Chess.com but I came across a peculiar specimen tonight.


For context this guy had lost 16 out of his last 20 games before facing me. He drew our first game after his dumb gambit didn't pay off and refused to remove his Queen to another square. I am JoyfulnessX btw.


^ This Streamable captures the end of our second game. Look at the Chatbox. This guy was FUMING. How do you talk that much shit only to end up losing the game?


Second Streamable shows the entire game. I was in complete control from the start according to Stockfish and in spite of my own blunders.


After I beat him I decided to give him a PM to clarify somethings. What followed was a full on melt down. PD quality Chess player right here, guys.

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Back to battlescape! Lol

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