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  1. ah yes i agree if is shite
  2. saw it Christ is king
  3. Ofcourse I missed this. Fuck last Friday we didnt go out pking and I stayed in. Last night I went drinking and we pking....
  4. Fun fight. Fuck player 6707 or w/e their name was.
  5. Fun trip. I wish we woulda got that guy in fally. What was he doing there with a DFS and no helm? Boosting kDR?
  6. Pretty good trip. Wish clans came and out fought for a bit though.
  7. I ought 100 karils xbbows just to see if i can turn a profit.
  8. VR is crazy man. I knew some of their old ranks like cera s6 after they merged. He was always cool. Seems like the always get leaked though. Community must be garbage.
  9. Northwestern Wildcats and now that Brian Kelly is finally good ND football.
  10. Ironman seems fun but too much time invested for me.
  11. Paddy


    if you guys use discord can you link it below. I can't find it on your youtube or website
  12. Who here is from a team that formed a few years ago. I have a main named Loyola and a tank called Raegnomicss but I havn't played ina few years.
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