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  1. Also, giant fucking LOL at @MusicalStoryfor being in PD or whatever the fuck he was doing there. Monkey ass clown.
  2. Good fight, DR. Always a good and competitive fight against you lads. Hope to do it again soon. Nice spamming the topic too btw. Learning from Sparze obviously LOL.
  3. Today marks the day that Violent Resolution turns 15! Here is a link to our forums topic and to our official twitter post about this magnificent milestone! 😃 PS. Thanks for all of the amazing fights we have had recently and I can't wait for the upcoming ones! Violent Resolution turns 15 -- VR forums Violent Resolution turns 15 -- Twitter -- Like and retweet btw! Thanks!!!
  4. Good fight my dude! See ya next time around 👌
  5. I was standing there and asking where justifiyed was... NOTHING BUT A NO SHOW, lol.
  6. Good fight, DR! Always a blast fighting you guys!
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